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Feb 20 18

Scots Day Out 2018 – Bendigo, Victoria

by Glenda Dickson

Scots Day Out 2018

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Feb 16 18

Ringwood Highland Games 2018 – Victoria

by Glenda Dickson

Ringwood 2018

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Jan 19 18

Quest to return Macfarlane photos to descendants

by Glenda Dickson

A cache of 100 old photographic portraits pertaining to the Macfarlane families of Perth, Dundee and surrounds in Scotland, was discovered recently at an auction by James Burton of Aberdare, Wales. James is keen to return the photographs to descendants if any can be located.

James said, “10% are cabinet cards, 80% are carte de visite, with photographers studio names on the reverse dating from 1870 – 1900.” An example appears below:

Willie Macfarlane's Widow and Daughters, Perth, Scotland c. 1880

Willie Macfarlane’s Widow and Daughters, Perth, Scotland c. 1880

The main family originated in Rattray, Perth, Scotland.

  • William and Catherine (nee Gellatty) Macfarlane.
    William was a cartwright who accidentally shot himself and died of his injuries in 1880 near Blairgowrie.
  • Sons:
    James Macfarlane
    Thomas Macfarlane
  • Daughters:
    Ann Macfarlane (m. James Armstrong
    , India)
    Meg/Maggie Macfarlane (m. Sharp)
    Bella Macfarlane (m. James Scott) 

    If you believe you may have a connection with this family and would like further information, please email:

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Nov 30 17

“MacFarlane’s Lantern” – Dec 2017 now available

by Glenda Dickson

The December 2017 issue of MacFarlane’s Lantern is now available to download from the Members Area. Please click on Membership Info in the main menu if you are interested in joining.

  • This issue opens with a report on the Annual Joint Clans Luncheon held in South Australia in October, which brought together supporters from the MacDonald, MacFarlane, MacNeil, MacLeod and Campbell Clan Societies. There are also reports of the Annual Kirkin’ o’ the Tartan at Walkerville SA, and our Annual General Meeting.
  • In the main article, Malcolm Lobban creates vivid pictures of a time gone past in his “Childhood Memories of Kinlochard”.  His parents were at one time domestic servants at Alskeith House, near Aberfoyle, Perthshire. Malcolm describes the kitchen smells of ‘scorched fur and feather’ following a hunt for game and the comforting sounds of the burn rushing past the house which often sent him off to sleep. Malcolm also has a family connection with the area, his maternal great-grandmother being a direct descendant of Alexander Miller born circa 1733 Aberfoyle, who married Mary MacFarlane.
  • There is also a look back at Lantern No. 99 with reference to our original “Guide to MacFarlane Country 1987”.   An updated version is now available to download from the main page of the website.
  • We congratulate Aunty Edna on her 105th birthday. Edna Vesty Simes (nee McFarlane) is descended from shipwright, Alexander McFarlane from Greenock, Scotland who arrived in Port Adelaide in 1866.
  • “Ellanvow, Loch Lomond and Geese!” mentions the reference to King James VI’s visit to the island found in Sir Walter Scott’s “The Monastery”.
  • Other items include a small piece “On Military Music”, and some more pearls of wisdom from dear “Granny Mac” on the benefits of ginger.
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Sep 2 17


by Glenda Dickson

Our Society proudly supports
the Official MacFarlane DNA Project at Family Tree DNA

This is a surname project for those who are descended from a person bearing the surname MacFarlane (or any of the varied spellings), or someone with a Sept surname, within ten generations. It is open to both males and females and you do not have to be a member of ours, or any other Society in order to participate. It currently has more than 900 members, making it the largest and oldest project for these surnames. If you click on the banner above, you will be taken to the main page for joining the Project and purchasing a DNA Kit.  You may also follow the link through to The “MacFarlane Group” Project Website to find out further details on the project, or read more below. read more…

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Sep 1 17

September 2017 issue of MacFarlane’s Lantern is now available

by Glenda Dickson

The September 2017 issue of MacFarlane’s Lantern is now available to download from the Members Area. Please click on Membership Info in the main menu if you are interested in joining.

The feature story this issue concerns the MacFarlane pioneers of the Clarence River District in New South Wales, inspired by an article written by Duncan McFarlane (born 1849). Duncan’s ancestor arrived on the ‘British King’ which sailed from Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Argyllshire in 1838 as part of a government migration scheme.

In ‘Piping Times’ Jason Moore, our President/Clan Piper, reflects on the past three months and his involvement with the Adelaide Project Pipe Band There is also information on the MacFarlanes of Kirkton in ‘Root Lines’, and more words of wisdom from our beloved ‘Grannie Mac’. Calum Curamach also entertains us with ‘Stories frae Auld Scotia’.

Malcolm Lobban provides more research notes on Clan Chiefs and Barons, and also reveals his efforts to stay in touch with what is happening back in his native land, Dunbartonshire. Also presented are some interesting facts about other Clans. and our Secretary draws attention to our forthcoming Annual Clan Luncheon in October, and AGM in November.

The Secretary draws attention to our forthcoming Annual Clan Luncheon in October, and AGM in November and provides the third and final part of her article,’Travelling the Canning Stock Route, Western Australia’.


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Jun 1 17

June 2017 issue of MacFarlane’s Lantern is now available

by Glenda Dickson

The June issue of MacFarlane’s Lantern is now available to download from the Members Area. Please click on Membership Info in the main menu if you are interested in joining.

Allan McFarlane, his wife Margaret and thirteen children left their family home in Caithness, Scotland and arrived in Adelaide, South Australia in 1839 on the Superb and the family first settled in Mount Barker. Their family story features in this issue of MacFarlane’s Lantern (June 2017).

Editorial comment this issue relates to tartan and its detachment “from its original concept in the history of Gaeldom (Scottish Highlands)”.

You will also find an accurate transcription of a document entitled “1714 Address to King George I on his accession, bearing the signatures of 102 heritors and heads of clans”, the original of which is held in the National Museum of Scotland. We also bring to your notice a new Scots language website, ‘Wee Windaes’.

In ‘Jock Tamson’s Bairns’, Malcolm Lobban considers “those human characteristics which many of us so readily identify with our so-called ‘Scottishness’. ” While our President, Jason Moore, brings us up to date on the situation in South Australia for pipe bands wishing to compete.

We also continue on with Part 2 of ‘Travelling the Canning Stock Route, Western Australia’ by Glenda Dickson, which began in the March issue.

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Mar 5 17

51st Ringwood Highland Games, Victoria – Sunday, 26 March 2017

by Glenda Dickson

Ringwood Games Flyer 2017

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Mar 1 17

March issue of MacFarlane’s Lantern – now available

by Glenda Dickson
The March 2017 issue of MacFarlane’s Lantern is now available in the Members Area.
The feature article this issue (by Malcolm Lobban) commemorates the last battle fought in Great Britain, on Culloden Moor in 1746.
Other articles include a story about James McParland, a leading figure in the Pinkerton Detective Agency in the United States; ‘Kelpies, Kirkyards an’ A’ That! (Taking a wee look at some Scottish myths’; and finally, ‘Travelling the Canning Stock Route, Western Australia (Part 1)’.
In the President’s Report, there is an important message from Jason Moore about his plans for our Society to play a stronger role in promoting Scottish history and culture and to engage with the younger generation. Also, in ‘Piping Times’, Jason gives us an insight into what it is like to be a piper in a local pipe band in South Australia.
On the subject of Clan history, ‘MacFarlane Research Notes’ has some extracts from “the History of Stirlingshire” by William Nimmo, primarily concerned with a cadet branch of the Clan.
We also congratulate the winners of the National 505 Yachting Championship held in South Australia in January, revealing the connection with a well-known McFarlane boat builder.
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Jan 24 17

Australia Day 2017

by Glenda Dickson

All around Australia people will be celebrating Australia Day in their own way. Melbourne, however, will be the only capital city to hold a parade on the morning of the 26th January, 2017.

Between 11.00 am and 12 noon, a colourful procession of community and cultural groups will make their way down Swanston Street to be cheered on by spectators lining the street. Members of the Scottish community participating in the parade have been asked to meet at 9.30am on the corner of Bourke and Swanston Streets, Melbourne.

Others will celebrate with family or friends at home or perhaps at one of the many local community events, such as those listed on the Victorian government website

How will you spend Australia Day?

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