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June 2016 Issue of MacFarlane’s Lantern Now Available

by Glenda Dickson on May 31st, 2016

The June 2016 issue of the Australian MacFarlane’s Lantern (No. 138) is now available to download from the Members Area, along with back issues. Here you will also find a summary of the contents.

For the benefit of others who may be interested in joining, below are some of the highlights in the current issue.

  • Our leading story in this issue concerns Lachlan MacFarlane of Oakfield, Mount Barker, South Australia (1806-1892), who came from the Buchanan parish on the eastern shores of Loch Lomond. Lachlan MacFarlane married a daughter of Mr Lubasch of Hahndorf.  We would be pleased to hear from descendants of both the MacFarlane and Lubasch families.
  • Next, part two of ‘Conflict at Glen Fruin 1603’ is published.
  • We also have Billy Scobie, local writer/historian from Dunbartonshire, to thank for sending the article on the Loch Lomond Bell.
  • In Root Lines we publish more about the MacFarlane settlers at Broken River, Victoria including family tree information on seven generations from Blair Atholl, Perthshire (c.1722) to Benalla, Victoria (c.1946) in the hope that it might open up new discussion on this MacFarlane family in Australia.
  • There is also an article on the sept name ‘Miller’ which, in Scotland, appears to be more commonly spelled ‘Millar’.

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