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MacFarlane’s Lantern – March 2016 now available

by Glenda Dickson on March 1st, 2016

The March 2016 issue of the Australian MacFarlane’s Lantern is now available to download in the Members Area, along with back issues. Here you will also find a summary of the contents.

For the benefit of others who may be interested in joining, below is a brief summary.

The current issue opens with the feature article Conflict in Glen Fruin, 1603 – Part One in which Malcolm Lobban tells of turbulent times in ‘The Glen of Sorrow’. King Arthur is the subject of Legendary Tales of Auld Scotia, whilst Gaels in Exile explores the connection between Highlanders and North America. In Eighteenth Century Quango? Malcolm describes the aftermath of the 1715-19 Jacobite Rising.

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