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Victorian Railways – A List of all Persons Employed in the Railway Service on the 31st January, 1884

by Glenda Dickson on January 4th, 2015

The Victorian Government Gazette (No. 64), published on Friday, May 23, 1884 lists all persons employed by the Victorian Railways on the 31st January, 1884.

The list includes the persons Name in Full, their Rank, Position or Grade, and the Branch they were employed in. There seem to be a great number of Scottish names on the list. Some names connected with our Clan are:

McFarland, Samuel – Clerk, Secretary’s Branch

McFarlane, Allan – Repairer, Engineers Branch

McFarlane, Daniel – Signalman, Traffic Branch

McFarlane, John – Lad, Engineers Branch

McFarlane, Thomas – Acting Porter, Traffic Branch

If any of these people are connected with your family, we would be pleased to hear from you.

The full Triennial List of Railway Employees 1884 – 1918 is available free from under the tab Downloads, but please note that it is a huge file (90MB).


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