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Jun 4 21

June 2021 issue of MacFarlane’s Lantern now available in Members Area

by Glenda Dickson

MacFarlane's Lantern No. 151 - June 2021 Image

MacFarlane’s Lantern No. 151-June 2021 is now available in the Members Area along with back issues. Please click on Membership Info in the main menu if you are interested in joining.

There is a Scandinavian theme running through this issue which was sparked by the article written by our new South Australian committee member, Peter McFarlane, titled: Australia is a multi-cultural country: My ancestry is not just Scottish! 

To complement this article we have reprinted the article The Stranger Gaels: A look at Norse influence in the northern Highlands and Islands of Scotland by Calum Curamach which appeared in MacFarlane’s Lantern No. 128, December 2013.

Of course, the lochside village of Tarbet had its fair share of Viking visitors so information from The Vale of Leven History Project website is featured on the front page.

We also bring you news of an exhibition which has just opened at the National Museum of Scotland titled: The Galloway Hoard: Viking Age Treasure.

Thank you to Ian Macfarlane in Victoria for sharing a memorial card from 1904 for John James McFarlane which led to the writing of the article Memorial Card Reveals Connection to Northern Ireland by Glenda Dickson.

Peter McFarlane has also shared with us information on his Scottish forebears in A Journey from the Highlands of Scotland to the Gippsland High Country of Australia and Glasgow boy leaves Gippsland legacy. 

We also announce the names of the winners of our membership draw on the back page.

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Dec 29 20

December 2020 Issue of MacFarlane’s Lantern Now Available In the Members Area

by Glenda Dickson

JPEG Page 1 MacFarlane's Lantern No. 150 - December 2020_Page_1MacFarlane’s Lantern No. 150-December 2020 is now available in the Members Area along with back issues. Please click on Membership Info in the main menu if you are interested in joining. This is a great time to sign up because all financial members as of 17 March 2021 will go in the running to win one of two great prizes.

  • To celebrate our 150th issue of MacFarlane’s Lantern we announce a new Australian emblem for our Society (kindly devised for us by St Kilda Scotland and St Kilda Australia) and a chance for current and new members to win one of two pewter MacFarlane Clan Crest items crafted in Scotland (see pages 3 and 12).
  • Information on the AGM held in November is on page 3 and contact information for the new committee of management is listed on page 12.
  • Your comments are invited on a proposal to erect a sign on Island I Vow (home to the ruins of a castle built by Andrew MacFarlane, 11th Chief of the Clan), see page 4.
  • Step back in time to the 1950s in South Australia as Anita Renfrey (nee McFarlane) regales us with her memories of a childhood in the seaside suburb of Largs, on the LeFevre Peninsula, Gulf St. Vincent (see pages 5-7).
  • Due to the current interest in the TV series ‘Blood of the Clans’ we reprint The Jacobite Years: Where were the MacFarlanes?  an article by Malcolm Lobban which was originally published in the newsletter in 1993 (see pages 8-10).
  • On page 10 you will also find an overview of the ‘MacFarlane’ Group Project at FamilyTree DNA, which you might like to participate in.


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Jul 13 20

The Scottish Banner seeks our support

by Glenda Dickson

SB-4401- July 20 - COVERThe Scottish Banner has been uniting Scots around the world for 44 years; however, this year is proving quite a challenge due to the impact of Covid-19.  The Editor, Sean Cairney, explains:

“The publishing industry has been severely impacted, with many titles around the country already folding. Due to cancelled events, travel restrictions and impacts to Scottish businesses, the Scottish Banner has lost a great deal of advertising revenue going forward. In addition, Scottish festivals are currently not taking place causing a further major cut to revenue.”

Readers can help the Scottish Banner to remain viable by purchasing a digital or print copy each month or taking out a subscription.

Please visit:

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May 10 20

May 2020 Issue of MacFarlane’s Lantern Now Available In the Members Area

by Glenda Dickson

MacFarlane’s Lantern No. 149–May 2020 is now available in the Members Area along with back issues.  Please click on Membership Info in the main menu if you are interested in joining.

  • Published amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and with memories of the catastrophic bushfires over summer, this issue opens by paying tribute to front-line emergency workers and also those providing essential services in our community.
  • We share some ‘MacFarlane Memories’, including photos of Julian Millar, Duncan McFarlane and Ron Robb, (pages 2-3).
  • In ‘Flowers of the Forest’ we report on the passing of two members of the Scottish community. We also welcome new members who have joined our society since November 2019, (page 3).
  •  In ‘Gravestone Transcriptions’, Glenda Dickson reports on an opportunity to volunteer from home with ‘2nd Pass Transcriptions’ at BillionGraves; while Anita Renfrey brings to our notice the book School of the Moon: The Highland Cattle Raiding Tradition; which is followed by some  ‘Clishmaclaver’ – a Scottish word for idle talk, gossip, or empty chatter, (page 4).
  • ‘Bundaberg’ is a poem published in 1910 about the Scots who attended a gathering in Queensland; ‘Is this your MacFarlane?’ highlights a missing relative message from 1909 for a Robert McFarlane, Stamford, Queensland; ‘The Last Chief’ outlines how our Clan came to have no Chief, and how a claim could be made for the Chiefship, (page 5).
  • ‘The MacFarlane Family of Perth, Scotland’, is a follow-up to an article published in the May 2018 issue, (No. 145), ‘MacFarlane Photos Unearthed’; while ‘Soldiers of the Queen’ is a website dedicated to researching British military photographs from the Victorian era, (page 6).
  • ‘The Chasin’ O’ the Hat’ is a poem about ‘MacFarlane’, who is joined by others as he tries to retrieve his hat after the wind takes hold of it, (page 7).
  •  ‘A Topographical Dictionary of Scotland, 1846’ has an extract for the parish of Tulliallan, in the county of Perth, (page 8).
  •  In ‘McFARLAN/MacFARLAND’ you will find an explanation for these variations in the spelling of the MacFarlane name; we also suggest you try this classic Scottish recipe, ‘Cock-a-Leekie-Soup’, (page 9).
  • ‘Anzac Day’ – Our President, Jason Moore is pictured playing the bagpipes, and we highlight Private Leslie William Laurence McFarlane (4113) from South Grafton, New South Wales, who enlisted in 1916 aged 20; which is followed by ‘Grannie Mac’s’ memories of holiday time when she was a wee lassie, (page 10).
  • ‘Coming Events’ lists more cancellations and postponements due to the current pandemic, (page 11).
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Feb 20 20

Adelaide Scottish Fiddle Club Performances – 21 and 29 February, 2020

by Glenda Dickson

The Adelaide Scottish Fiddle Club will be performing two concerts for the Adelaide Fringe Festival and would be delighted to see you there. These concerts will be a very special celebration of the 2020 Year of Scotland in Australia, with a program exploring traditional music and also how contemporary Australian composers are building on the Scottish tradition.

The concerts are this Friday evening, 21 February at Carlclew, 11 Jeffcott Street, North Adelaide and the following Saturday, 29 February at Anne Jolly Hall, Epiphany Place, Crafers.

For bookings please visit:

For further information please see the attached flyer Adelaide Scottish Fiddle Club Fringe Concerts


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Nov 1 19

November 2019 issue of MacFarlane’s Lantern is now available in the Members Area

by Glenda Dickson

MacFarlane’s Lantern No. 148–November 2019 is now available in the Members Area along with back issues.  Please click on Membership Info in the main menu if you are interested in joining.

In this issue, you will find three main articles:

Private Albert Leslie (Les) McFarlane (1888-1973) and Recollections of my grandfather: Pa McFarlane, both written by his grandson, Peter McFarlane. Les came from Nicholson in Victoria, and during World War One he was wounded during the second major offensive on the Gallipoli Peninsula.

The Macfarlanes of ‘Glensloy’ by Malcolm Lobban is the culmination of research sparked by our mention of Lieutenant Edward Albert Charles Macfarlane M.C. in the last issue. ‘Glensloy’ is the name of a historic house in Turramurra, New South Wales.


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Aug 21 19

Scottish Event – Armadale, Western Australia

by Glenda Dickson

Armadale Highland Gathering & the Perth Kilt Run

Sunday, 6 October 2019

8.30am to 4.30pm

Minnawarra Park, Armadale, Western Australia


The Armadale Highland Gathering is a one-day festival celebrating all things Scottish.

Kicking off in the morning with the quirky and much loved Perth Kilt Run, the day explodes with amusement and an array of kilt colours as hundreds of participants scramble to the finish line.

Following the excitement of the Perth Kilt Run is a day to experience Scottish arts and crafts, Highland Dancing, Pipe Band competitions, the hotly contested Heavy Events and Meet & Greet Scottish Dogs.

Let your imagination run wild in the Medieval Fair of the Clan Village and then kick up your heels with some great live Scottish music.

Please visit the website for the Perth Kilt Run

OR for further information, contact the Arts and Events Team at the City of Armadale:

telephone: (08) 9394 5000

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May 12 19

May 2019 issue of MacFarlane’s Lantern is now available in the Members Area

by Glenda Dickson
MacFarlane’s Lantern No. 147 – May 2019 is now available in the Members Area along with back issues.  Please click on Membership Info in the main menu if you are interested in joining.
The main articles in this issue are:
  • Messing about in boats: an Anniversary of Sail, including Memoirs from our childhood – The Daughters by Carol Fuller, Anita Renfrey & Noelene Mills
  • Cloning in the Gloaming! by ‘Calum Curamach’
  • How to Date Family Photographs by Glenda Dickson
There is also information on::
  • The Highland Society of New South Wales
  • The New South Wales Scottish Regiment
  • James MacFarlane, Omeo
  • 30th Battalion’s First Raid in France
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Jan 1 19

A Scottish New Year’s Day

by Glenda Dickson

Celebrate the beginning of the New Year at Maryborough Highland Gathering in central Victoria. First held in 1857, the gathering is now in its 158th year and combines traditional Scottish events with Australian sports, recreational activities and athletics.

1st January, 2019 – Princes Park, Maryborough, Victoria – 10 am to 10 pm. For further information visit the website of the Maryborough Highland Society.

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Oct 28 18

“MacFarlane’s Lantern” – Current and back issues now available

by Glenda Dickson

This year we have published two issues of MacFarlane’s Lantern, the first was in May and the second one, the November issue, has just been published. Copies of both are available to download from the Members Area. Please click on Membership Info in the main menu if you are interested in joining.

  • The latest issue opens with ‘Honour their Spirit’ a celebration marking the centenary of the Armistice which signalled the end of World War One.
  • Malcolm Lobban, our new Patron, has kindly provided the article ‘Scotland’s Last Public Hanging”.
  • We also bring to you, news of the successful inaugural Clan MacFarlane Perpetual Piping Trophy as well as the Combined Luncheon and AGM which was recently held in Adelaide.
  • There is also advance news of the 150-year celebrations at the Maritime Village in Port Adelaide connected with the MacFarlane boat building business.
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